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H rodney and indomitable. 29th - nelson's escort was joined by the destroyer rockingham and corvettes jonquil, fleur DE LYS, samphire and arbutus from Gibraltar 30th At 1130 hours the nelson force arrived at Gibraltar harbour. 24th - The CinC Home Fleet struck his flag in nelson and transferred it to battleship queen elizabeth. (At 0027 hours the CinC signalled the Admiralty, 'Investigation.S.15's naiad report of sighting unknown ships produces evidence that is far from conclusive. . The CinC HF immediately ordered all available HF ships in the Clyde to raise steam. At 0500 hours the first attacks took place; in total 4 targets were attacked, Stamsund, Svolvaer, Henningsvaer and Brettesnes) At 1200 hours the Battle Fleet was in position 66-24N, 7-16E and steering 048. Once the defences were in place, spring 1940 being set as the likely date, Scapa would then be the Home Fleet's permanent base. (The reason for this deployment was a report from the Admiralty during the afternoon of 25/1/41. .

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At 0615/2/7/40 in position 56-30N, 10 38W she was torpedoed by U 47 and sank about one hour later. The destroyers faulknor, forester and fury reminded off the entrance to Loch Ewe carrying out A/S sweeps, as it was first thought that nelson had been torpedoed. 10th - Patrolling about position 61-43N, 14-38W. E la parte melodica? At 2030 hours laforey and lookout rejoined the convoy. June 1st - At 0600 hours off Orsay, the Liverpool and Clyde sections of convoy WS 19P, 19 troopships and four MT ships, formed. (1700/4/11/39 - convoy ON 1, of 5 mercantiles, sailed from Methil Roads escorted by destroyers somali, ashanti, tartar and fame. Nelson refueled blackmore and derwent. Rosenthal DSO, RAN observed one of the convoy ships dropping astern and turned to investigate.


Sex time with dirty tattooed escort. Echo had picked up the survivors in position 59N, 7-20W, four and half hours after the sinking) At 1034 hours the hood force were instructed to operate 30 miles to the southward of the nelson force At 1400 hours. What did the Allies gain from the surrender of Italy:- Fewer combatants to face in Operation avalanche and subsequent operations in Italy. Forbes GCB, DSO, RN hauled down his flag and went ashore. 17th At 0800 hours the Fleet was in approximate position 66-55N, 11-56W. At 0310 hours in position 40-47N, 6-20E, ARK royal flew off a strike force of 9 Swordfish to carry out a bombing attack on Alghero airfield. 10th Force H continued to cruise north west of the beachhead to provide air cover for Force. At 0600 hours the nelson was in position 58-30N, 14W, course 088, speed 19 knots. Heavy casualties were inflicted and on 13th they drove a salient between the two American divisions, the 34th and 45th, where the Sele and Calore Rivers merge. On leaving the Skagerrak they had steered west the northerly. At 1100 hours the Force arrived off Cape Wrath. At 1000 hours the combined Force H arrived off Marettimo Island where they cruised until 1730 hours. At 1650 hours ithuriel (position I port quarter) DCed rammed and sank the Italian submarine cobalto in position 37-39N, 10E, she picked up 41 survivors. (Number 9 Commando under the command. 28th - nelson arrived at Portsmouth, where she was taken in hand for completion of alterations not possible at the US Navy Yard.

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